Top 9 Best Blogs to Follow about the Software Testing Life Cycle

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In this blog, we list 9 popular software testing blogs and websites that talk about software testing life cycle and keep you connected with the industry.

You might be thinking ‘I have already a busy work schedule, so why should I follow a software testing blog about software testing life cycle?’

Here are a few reasons:

  1. It keeps you connected with the world and reminds you that there is a lot more, yet to learn about software testing.
  2. You stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, tools, techniques and news in the software testing field.
  3. You become familiar with new ideas, tips, and tricks that develop your interest in software testing field.
  4. You gain inspiration and motivation when you see individuals, running the blog, achieving success.
  5. You become an active part of your professional community by commenting on blog posts, sharing your valuable feedback, asking questions and responding to queries.
  6. You might get premium stuff in your inbox when you subscribe to the blogs.
  7. Your knowledge increases daily without putting in much effort.

Best Software Testing Blogs to Follow

We have visited numerous websites and blogs to sort out the following list of best software testing blogs to follow about the software testing life cycle. This list is backed up by the statistics of each blog, including their monthly page views, number of subscribers, age and the reputation of author in the industry.

We have shortlisted these blogs considering the needs and diversity of our readers. Some blogs are added in the list due to the usefulness and effectiveness of its content in your daily tasks. If you actively participate in the events, conferences, and trainings – you might be looking for a blog that updates you with such kinds of happenings around your place.

Software Testing Help

Software Testing Help is one of the most popular blogs to follow about software testing lifecycle and quality assurance. It has 1 million+ monthly page views which are evident of the fact the thousands of testing professionals are getting help from this blog on daily basis. This blog covers each and every topic related to software testing which is helpful to beginners as well as experienced testing professionals.

What I like particular about this site is the online courses and training, offered from time to time, covering the latest testing tools.

Software Testing Tricks

Software testing tricks is a website for new and experienced testers alike. This website focuses on sharing tips and tricks with the software testers to enhance the testing skills. Software testing tricks cover topics including automation tools, cloud testing, critical thinking, how to, interview questions, tutorials, software testing techniques. Besides, they have also published a few e-books too.

If you visit the site, you will be surprised to see that they have covered testing of general appliances too such as microwave oven, coffee/espresso maker, and pen. This gives an idea of how they are forcing your mind to think in different dimensions. If you want to become a skilled tester, a QA expert or an automation ninja; Software Testing Tricks is a must follow for you.

Sticky Minds

Sticky Minds is one of the popular interactive testing community in collaboration with Techwell online communities serving the software industry. This blog is updated with a new article each week.

Sometimes articles are not enough. We are looking for more specific answers to our questions. No worries! At Sticky Minds, there is a questions and answers sections – entitled as ‘Q&A’. Sign up to Sticky Minds, put your question in front of the testing community and get replies from the veterans and follow testers.

Sticky Minds has a separate section of events so that you can stay updated with the latest happenings, conferences, and trainings. You can register for these events by simply clicking on the event name and following the registration process. Subscribe and become a part of StickyMinds community and get in touch with all the testers who are passionate about software testing.


How can we forget to include our very own blog on the list?

ReQtest blog is updated regularly for professionals, test managers, QA managers and software project managers. It has a clean, well-organized user interface which provide you a smoother user experience. ReQtest blogs covers various categories related to software testing life cycle. These categories include agile, development, requirements, testing, tutorials and a few others. The articles are full of detailed information which is helpful for the professionals to make certain decisions for their projects.

If you are responsible for making certain decisions in your company, ReQtest is the right blog for you to follow on regular basis. You can subscribe to make sure that you never miss an important post.

Software QA Test

Software QA test is not a regular software testing blog. Do not expect to see some detailed articles on various topics of software testing life cycle; yet, we have included this in our list. Software QA Test is a huge repository of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about software testing and software testing life cycle.

This means that whenever you need definition of any terminology or difference between two terms, you can quickly visit Software QA Test and find the answer. You might occasionally want to visit the bookstore and see the recommended collection of books in the domain of software testing.

There is also a huge collection of the software quality assurance and testing resources in the ‘Resources’ section. If you are looking for more information and relevant resources to any particular topic, you can easily find it in the resources section. Similarly, you will find a wide collection of software testing tools with a brief description and link to each tool.

As you sharpen your skills and proceed in career, you might want to switch jobs and seek better opportunities. At software QA test, a separate section is dedicated to the jobs where you can see the list of job boards for software testing.


ThoughtWorks is a company of passionate and purpose led individuals. This spirit is reflected in their blog as well. ThoughtWorks Company provides services to the software industry and share their valuable experience through the blog.

They cover numerous topics under the main categories of technology, strategy, approaches and industry insights. You can access the articles related to software testing by clicking here. If you want to keep pace with the latest technologies in the software industry, ThoughtWorks is the right blog for you.

The Test Eye

The Test Eye is yet another popular blog. To my surprise, it is updated only once in a month; so, you do not need to spare much time to follow this blog. The test eye blog is maintained by the senior professionals Rikard Edgren, Henrik Emilsson and Martin Jansson. These professionals started their testing career in 90’s so they know really well how software testing has evolved over time.

They provide deep insights and useful explanations on agile, software testing, scripted testing, test ideas, testing techniques and a lot more. This blog has a section of recommendations also. In the recommendations sections, you can find recommendations related to documentation, ideas, machines, people, and skills.


While searching through dull and overwhelming techie interface of blogs, Trishkhoo felt like a breeze of fresh air.

It has a colourful, user friendly interface that entices you to stay a little longer and dive deeper into the knowledge. This blog is run by Trish who has worked as Test Engineer for Google.

This blog shares the stuff on software, development, and testing. The categories include automation, bugs, defect tracking, interviewing, manual testing, performance testing, security testing, test cases, test management, and tools.

Thinking Tester

Thinking tester blog is driven by a curious tester who always inquiries about ‘what-if’? The blog is more than 10 years old. It does not have specific categories like all other blogs or websites that we have discussed before.

Rather, the author believes in sharing his experience on random topics related to testing and how one can improve testing skills. It is not updated on daily basis.

The author enjoys confidence and compliment of the famous James Bach, winner of the Testing Luminary award in 2014. The posts are short and written in simple language. You can enjoy reading this blog while you enjoy your cup of tea in the evening.


In this article, we have discussed few reasons that highlight the importance of following a blog on regular basis. We have enlisted best blogs to follow about software testing lifecycle.

These blogs cover a wide range of testing topics written by experts and professionals to share their knowledge and experiences with you. I would recommend that you shall try to follow at least 3 blogs – one for daily visit, one for occasional visit and one for events and trainings.

Which blog are you going to follow? Do let us know if we have missed any blog that you regularly read.

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      Yes, I agree but manual testing cannot be replaced with the Automation. Automation can be done at an extent of maximum to 90-99%, not 100 percent since the tool itself will have certain limitations about the memory management, resources, platform on which the product need to be tested.

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