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Our Clients

Many happy customers around the world.

We almost chose HP Quality Center but ReQtest does the same for a fraction of the cost.

– Peter Andresson


We wanted a cloud-based solution so that we could avoid handling installation and maintenance and local configuration. We did not want to commit ourselves to a costly investment up front. Our goal was to find a tool that was installation-free and maintenance free.


After using ReQtest for a while, I can say that we are very satisfied with how it works.

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What kind of project works best with ReQtest?

ReQtest suits any project where you need to track software tests, usability tests, or requirements, both when developing or maintaining an IT system. ReQtest is suitable in any situation that requires groups of people to coordinate their work.

Does ReQtest support agile work, e.g. Scrum?

Yes, you can manage both product backlogs and sprint backlogs in ReQtest, and prioritize items using the MoSCoW scale (Must, Should, Could, Won’t). For your manual tests you can use test cases and checklists in ReQtest. If your tests are automated you can complement Reqtest with a test automation tool of your choice.

We have an external supplier. Is ReQtest still useful?

Many of our customers use systems from various external suppliers. Using ReQtest can give you, the client, an excellent overview of both your own testing and the supplier’s tests.

Our development is conducted internally. How is ReQtest useful in this case?

ReQtest is well suited for internal development projects and many of our customers use it for this. ReQtest is most suitable for systems testing and acceptance testing.

We mostly maintain existing systems. How can we use ReQtest?

ReQtest is equally suited for maintenance tasks as well as greenfield projects. Many teams maintaining existing projects keep track of tasks using several different systems. With ReQtest, all requirements and tests are handled in a single tool.

We have many large systems, can ReQtest help me then?

ReQtest is equally suited to small and large projects. We have customers with only a few users and customers with several hundred users. ReQtest is scaleable and intelligent with no problems to integrate into your current business.

How do I get all of the people involved to work on the same page?

In ReQtest it is possible to set up one or more template projects. When you create new projects, you can base them on one of your templates, to ensure that everyone is working to the same standard.

We only need test cases and bug reporting. Can we use only those parts of ReQtest?

Certainly, you can use only one or two of the modules in ReQtest. To get the best out of ReQtest it is best that all the functions within the project have access to ReQtest.

The best option is for clients to write their requirements in ReQtest, after which testers link test cases to the requirements.

The test leader groups test cases into test runs which are executed by testers. When the testers find a defect, they write the bug report in ReQtest. Since everything is in ReQtest the developer fixing the bug can refer to both the requirement and the test case to fully understand the defect.

The test maturity in our organization is not very high. How would we benefit from ReQtest?

ReQtest will give you a basic structure for your requirements and testing work. We recommend getting started using the modules in ReQtest that you find most useful within your particular situation. Typically this would be bug reporting and test case management. Checklists are also an easy way to get started with testing. Customize the forms in ReQtest to make them simple to fill in. You can add more fields later on when the need arises.

Our organization is very mature in test and requirements management. Can we adapt ReQtest to our organization?

All the forms in ReQtest can be customized. You can add fields, remove fields, determine which fields are mandatory, change the values in the drop-down fields and so on. This is useful in many cases, for example if you would like to use MoSCoW (Must, Should, Could and won’t) for prioritizing instead of high / medium / low. You as a user adapt ReQtest to your business, and of course there are no extra charges to configure the tool. If you need any assistance we will be happy to help with setup and configuration.

Can I export data?

Yes, you can export all sorts of data to Excel.

I want to switch to ReQtest from another tool. Can I transfer my stored data?

You can easily import test cases, requirements and bug reports into ReQtest. The data files should be in CSV format, which you can easily create in Excel.

How well do you test ReQtest yourselves?

We test ReQtest very well indeed! We develop ReQtest using Scrum. Naturally we use ReQtest to manage our own product backlog and sprint backlog. A large proportion of our tests are automated and we are continually working to improve our development methods for ReQtest. When we do manual testing we very often work with checklists.

Are there any limitations in the evaluation license?

No! 10-day evaluation includes the same features as the paid version.

How does the user license work?

Easy: You pay a fixed price per user per month. The more users, the cheaper it will be. Support and upgrades are included, and there are no hidden costs. Best of all is that you never need to install ReQtest on your own servers since ReQtest is a cloud-based software (SaaS).

How many users will I have to pay for?

You pay only for those users that were active during the month we bill you for.

What happens to the price if I need to add more users?

The more users you add to ReQtest, the lower the price per user. So, your price per user will shrink!

How do I pay?

We bill on a monthly basis to the address you specify in the Invoice settings within ReQtest.

How does enabling or disabling users affect my price?

You can manage your license costs by enabling and disabling user accounts. Since we only charge you for enabled user accounts you won’t need to pay for more than what your company needs. This is makes ReQtest advantageous when compared to other testing software. In many other tools you have to buy licenses for the maximum number of users that you are going to have. Usually in a project the amount of people involved varies from time to time according to the stage the project is in. The ability to disable users will result in considerable savings for your company.

How do I terminate ReQtest?

Send an email requesting cancellation to:

How will I know when upgrades are carried out?

We inform you of any updates in the login page, as well as give you the scheduled update times.

How much do I have to pay for support and upgrades?

Not a cent. All support and all upgrades are included in the price.