August 1, 2019

Alpha vs Beta Testing: How They are Different?

In this article, you will find the difference between Alpha testing and Beta testing. This Alpha Vs Beta testing guide will help you know the purpose of each testing and the approach.

Alpha vs beta testing

What is Alpha Testing?

Alpha testing is in-house testing where a testing lab is set up for developers and testers (who were not a part of the software development project team) to test the application. In this type of testing, the developers take note of the user actions and outline any deviation from the normal behavior to fix issues.

What is Beta Testing?

Beta testing is an approach to get feedback from a sample of users from outside the company. This testing helps to get the application get tested in a real environment. Beta testers do testing of software in a real-world scenario. The developers fix issues uncovered during beta testing before the software is released to the market.

Alpha vs Beta Testing:

Here is list of common differences between alpha testing and beta testing.

Alpha Testing

Beta Testing

This testing involves both white box and black-box testing. This testing only involves black box testing.
The employees of the software development company where the software is being built, conduct alpha testing. External users who are not part of the software development company perform beta testing.
The alpha testing takes place at developers end. The beta testing takes place at the users’ end and with the platform of their choice.
Reliability and security of the software are not covered in alpha testing. In beta testing, the reliability, security, and robustness of the software are checked.
Alpha testing helps to test the quality of the software before passing the software for beta testing. Beta testing helps to evaluate the software whether it is ready to be released to the full market or not.
For alpha testing, a test lab is required with setting up the test environment. In beta testing, there is no such requirement of the testing environment or lab set up.
The execution cycle of alpha testing may extend to a longer duration. Beta testing comparatively requires lesser time to execute.
Developers can quickly address the issues or bugs found during alpha testing. The issues found in beta testing are resolved in the future version of the software.


Alpha testing, as well as beta testing, is important to ensure that the final released version of the software not only meets the expectation of the software development firm but also meets the expectation of users.

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