August 2, 2012

An eventful June and July for ReQtest

June has been a particularly eventful month for the ReQtest team. Apart from the traditional Swedish summer celebrations of Midsommarafton, the team has also been busy with a number of doings and goings on.

Our product owner Ulf and Scandinavian marketing manager Per, went on a roadshow for ReQtest which included a customer seminar in Malmö, the southernmost province of Sweden and a long way away from Stockholm.

reqtest product roadshow - june 2012

ReQtest product roadshow in Malmö – June 2012

During this seminar, Ulf spoke extensively about how we at ReQtest work with our own requirements for ReQtest in our agile development process. The debate was lively and animated and a number of interesting questions and scenarios were brought up.

The week after that, the entire ReQtest development team went on a day-long conference with Ulf. This time to the conference was planned as an opportunity for the team to brainstorm and discuss future features to be included in ReQtest.

Lots of great ideas were bandied about, and we’re happy to say that a host of cool, useful features will be coming your way soon.

After the conference we all enjoyed a sumptuous dinner with plenty of good wine! A couple of pictures of the whole team enjoying themselves are below! Tack!

Dinner after the ReQtest dev team conference.

During July, some team members took advantage of the Swedish summer and went on holiday so as to recharge their batteries.

The team members who did stay on in July had a quiet office to look forward to and carried out a lot of work fixing miscellaneous bugs. Tom and Iryna also designed a number of mock-ups for upcoming updates to the User Interface this July, so now we have an August of implementations to look forward to!

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