June 5, 2012

ReQtest clients – Exie A/S

Exie is a software company based in Oslo, Norway. Its 50 plus employees provide clients with a complete and comprehensive performance management suite. The company prides itself on creating People-Driven Performance Management solutions designed to be widely adopted by companies serving dynamic markets. Exie is a prime driver of financial outcomes and accountability across an entire company, thus effectively involving the entire organisation in the overall strategy.

Exie’s belief is that only by making performance management available to everyone across the organisation can you create an organisational culture which continuously strives to improve performance.

Exie A/S has been a ReQtest customer since January 2011. The 6 member ReQtest team at Exie is for the most part comprised of testers and test managers. The team uses all the different functionalities of ReQtest, from requirements planning to test execution, however, their main business focus is on test case management. The requirements management module is used to great effect when specifying testing requirements.

ReQtest was chosen by Exie A/S after the team had compared it with several other tools. They found that most systems for manual testing are too overly complicated and that when compared to other tools, ReQtest is both cheaper and easier to use. Exie has used ReQtest for about a year and we are pleased to hear from them that they feel they have achieved the goals they hoped to reach prior to starting with ReQtest.

And what is the Exie team’s favourite aspect of ReQtest?

That ReQtest lets you focus on what is important; testing.”

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