Integrations – ReQtest Connect

Integrate ReQtest with other tools

ReQtest Connect enables the entire team to share information without having to copy files between different tools. Integrate ReQtest with other popular tools such as Jira, Microsoft TFS or any other. The choice is yours.


Avoid duplicated work, link tools together

Let testers write bug reports in ReQtest. Developers can open the bug reports in their tool, such as TFS or JIRA. When developers fix bugs they can update the bug report without ever leaving their tool. ReQtest is automatically updated and testers can retest the bug in ReQtest.




Create bug reports from within the system that you are testing

Create your own bug report form and tie it to a menu in your application or put it on your intranet. Bug reports will end up in ReQtest.




Migrate data from other tools

If you’re switching from another tool to ReQtest, you can easily transfer existing requirements, test cases and bug reports from the other tool to ReQtest.

Create reports with data from ReQtest

Fill your test report with data from ReQtest. Combine data from ReQtest and other sources. Creating a test report takes only a few clicks.




Technical info

ReQtest Connect can be used from any programming language. We offer APIs for both SOAP and REST. Of course, we also have code samples to help you get started. The main features of ReQtest Connect are reading and writing of requirements, test cases and bug reports. There are no additional fees for using ReQtest Connect.

Add test management to JIRA with the ReQtest add-on

Test management in JIRA is a breeze with the ReQtest add-on

The ReQtest add-on for JIRA installs a broad set of advanced tools for test management that allow you to create test cases, group them in test runs and assign them to testers with ease.

The free of charge plugin enables full two-way synchronization between issues in JIRA Cloud/JIRA server and bug reports in ReQtest, as well as extending JIRA’s capabilities to make use of ReQtest’s powerful searches, diagrams, customisable form templates, agile board and burndown charts.

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