May 29, 2018

What Makes ReQtest “Best JIRA Test Management Tool”?

An effective test management process is critical to the success of software testing. The importance of JIRA test management has significantly increased as the customers using JIRA require high-quality software. The quickly changing business environment demands shorter time to market. This implicates that the testing needs to planned and executed efficiently to release high-quality software.

According to statista,” On an average, quality assurance and testing accounted for 26 percent of the organization’s IT budget.” The test managers are now relying more on test management tools than ever before to improve their testing outcomes.  A right test management tool can simplify the testing process and ensure releasing high-quality software in short-span of time.

ReQtest for JIRA Test Management

ReQtest is one such a JIRA test management tool which simplifies JIRA test management process and brings in efficiency for the testers. It offers an integrated test module to plan and execute tests easily. ReQtest, when connected to Jira for issue tracking makes a formidable combination.

Below is a list of questions you should ask before selecting the test management tool for your team and the reasons that make ReQtest an ultimate JIRA test management tool which is the answer to all questions.

flowIs your test management tool well-suited for different development environments?

There is a paradigm shift from Waterfall environment towards Agile & DevOps development environment. In the Waterfall environment, testing initiates at the end of the development process. There is a limited communication between testers and developers.

Testing in Agile

In the agile environment, development and testing go hand in hand as quality is a major concern for everyone involved. The testers need to have a better collaboration with developers and product owners and vice versa in an agile environment. The test managers, on the other hand, have a critical role in release level planning as they have to formulate a testing strategy across multiple sprints. The testing needs to be prioritized to determine the order in which tests will be executed. Read about the 6 essential tricks 6 essential tricks for testers to thrive in an agile environment.

Testing in DevOps

In the DevOps environment, the development and deployment is a more streamlined process wherein development, quality assurance (QA) and operations are aligned. To meet the changing business requirements, there is a need to release the code faster with an effective collaboration between development and operations teams.

The right test management tool will be able to meet the requirements of testing teams whether they are working in Waterfall, Agile or DevOps development environment.

ReQtest is a test management tool that is well suited for Waterfall, Agile, & DevOps environment

ReQtest is equipped with an easy to use “Agile board” that promotes effective communication and better collaboration amongst testing and development team. It has powerful bug reporting and bug prioritization features that enable the testing team to quickly report bugs to the development team for fixing. Everyone involved in the project has a drill-down visibility into project’s progress.

How easy it is to set up and work with your test management tool?

The test managers are looking for solutions which help their testing teams to be productive quickly. One of the key attributes of a good test management tool is that it is easy to use. To be able to deliver in a short span of time, the tool should allow easily setting up testing projects and assign tests to testers. There should be a minimal requirement for training.

ReQtest is a web-based tool which is inherently simple and easy to use

ReQtest can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time with the help of an internet connection and a browser. You can easily set up a test project, add users, import test cases and start working on the testing project in a very short span of time. It doesn’t take much time for a new user to get hands-on with the functionality and features of ReQtest.

Is it easy to collaborate with your team members?

The test management tool should facilitate easy collaboration, communication and coordination amongst test managers, testers, developers and product owners. The tool should provide a drill-down visibility into all the testing at a centralized place. It should be easy to track the testing progress as well any updates. The visibility in the testing process is important to establish a collaborative environment.

ReQtest is a cloud-based tool which is well suited for distributed teams

An administrator can set up a project and choose the team members of a project. The tool offers the flexibility to set up different teams for different projects. The users can work on multiple projects simultaneously.

With ReQtest you can be a part of different virtual teams. You can easily track the bottlenecks in your project and collaborate with your teammates to remove them.

Does your test management tool increase your efficiency?

The idea behind using a test management tool is to increase the efficiency and productivity of the testing team.  A test management tool should have an integrated test planning and execution process. It should be able to perform repetitive testing tasks efficiently and without much effort.

ReQtest offers an integrated test plan & execution module to boost productivity

Through the integrated test module, tester managers can easily assign test cases to the testers and notify them instantly. The testers can execute the tests as well as report the bugs at any failed step within the test case. The whole test management process is intuitive in ReQtest.

ReQtest has relevant quick action buttons in all the modules which help users perform repetitive common tasks quickly. The navigation flow helps the users to perform logically related tasks with ease. The tool facilitates writing better test cases.

Does your test management tool allow you to customize integrations?

The test management tool should support integrations with the most popular third-party issue management tools such as Jira. The integrations should be customizable and extensible via API.  The integrations improve the efficiency of the testers by allowing them to harness the strengths of different tools.

ReQtest brings test management capabilities to Jira

ReQtest allows you to integrate its test module with Jira’s issue tracking module to improve your testing outcomes.You can choose to handle bugs in Jira or ReQtest or both with full two-way synchronization between issues in Jira and bug reports in ReQtest. You can integrate your JIRA projects with ReQtest projects using a JIRA add-on. The requirements and bug modules in ReQtest can be synchronized with Jira issues. So ReQtest is a perfect tool for JIRA test management.

ReQtest offers ReQtest Connect which is a general-purpose API that can be used to create integrations between ReQtest and any other tool. ReQtest Connect can be used to both read data from ReQtest and write data to ReQtest.

Does your test management tool offer advantages of the cloud?

The advantage of using a cloud-based test management tool is that it can scale as per demand without an increase in the cost of maintenance and upgrades. The cost of scaling can be a major deterrent for growing organizations looking for cost-effective solutions.

ReQtest gives you the power to harness the advantages of the cloud

ReQtest is a fully cloud-based solution that can be scaled easily without a significant increase in costs. The only cost involved is of user license which depends on the number of users in the organization. There will be no cost involved related to servers or hardware resources. There are no hidden costs involved. With ReQtest, users only pay for what they use.

Are you getting the insights to make the right decisions?

A good test management tool will provide reports to assist in making well-informed decisions. The tool should be able to provide real-time status, activity and progress reports. The data should be visualized in forms of charts and graphs to help test managers visualize progress. The test management tool should generate reports in CSV, Excel and other commonly used formats.

ReQtest offers visual reports for informed decision-making

ReQtest has a dedicated reporting module which helps to gain insights on requirements, tests, and bugs. You can populate numerous graphs and charts based on the combination of different fields. It is easier to keep track of the progress of testing activity as well draw inferences on what should be the next action steps. The graphs can be exported in different file formats.

Can you import/export test cases with ease?

The most prominent test management tools available in the market allow importing and exporting test cases in CSV/Excel format. The test team can directly feed test cases to the test management tool with the help of import function. The export functionality is very useful while collaborating with testers external to the testing team.

With ReQtest import test cases, bugs, requirements, & checklists

ReQtest allows users to import test cases, bugs, requirements, and checklists. The import function saves the users from manually writing test cases. ReQtest supports a majority of CSV file formats for importing files. The tool automatically matches the fields & values of the CSV file with the fields & values of ReQtest forms. The users can also choose to manually match the fields and values. The user can customize the forms of ReQtest to streamline the import process. The export function in ReQtest allows users to export data in Excel and CSV format.

Does your tool offer easy traceability?

The traceability feature in a test management tool helps to track which bugs are linked to which test cases. It helps to get insights on which are the most critical bugs that need to be resolved on priority basis.

Track links between requirements, test cases, & bugs with ReQtest

In ReQtest, it is rather easy to trace links between requirements, test cases, and bugs. The users can link the test cases to the requirement and any bugs that are linked to the test case will be automatically linked to the requirement. This way the testers can not only track which bugs are linked to which test cases but also find out the bugs linked to the requirements.  This helps users to find out the criticality of bugs and prioritize the bugs accordingly.

Does it have bug tracking capabilities?

The test management tool should be equipped with bug tracking capabilities or can be integrated with the most common bug tracking tools. The testers can improve their efficiency by being able to report bugs from the test management tool itself. A test management with good bug tracking capabilities is critical in improving testing outcomes. Read more about the 5 best bug tracking tools to ensure the success of your projects.

ReQtest offers advanced bug tracking capabilities with video or images

ReQtest has powerful bug tracking capabilities. You can import bug reports from a CSV file. Testers can collaborate with developers on bugs using the “Agile board”. There is a dedicated bug module to report bugs. You can also track the progress of bug tracking initiatives with reports.  ReQtest offers a desktop app “Capture” for capturing bugs or requirements with video or images and seamlessly upload them to ReQtest. The users can document bugs easily and quickly.

ReQtest- The ultimate test management tool

ReQtest is a test management tool that helps the testing team overcome the testing challenges, manage testing priorities and accomplish testing objectives. It is one of the leading requirement and test management tools with more than 10,000 users throughout Europe. It is a cloud-based requirement and test management tool which consists of a suite of modules: requirement management, agile board, test management and bug tracking and reporting. The tool provides an end-to-end solution for software development with full traceability of the development process – from ideation to released product. It also offers a versatile connection to Jira for JIRA test management.

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