October 3, 2012

Updates to ReQtest and Requirements management course in Sundsvall

Updates to ReQtest

We’ve recently updated ReQtest with a bunch of new features. This latest release includes all of the below;

A new role called ‘Administrator’. This new role has essentially the same rights as the current Test leader role. Subsequently, all existing Test leaders have been promoted to Administrators. This makes ReQtest even more flexible since the admin can manage everything that has to be dealt with. Test leaders will from now on be able to manage projects that they themselves own or are members of. Test leaders do not have any permission in other projects.

– We are really excited about the new look and feel of the administrative functions for managing users and projects. A lot of effort has gone into making it really easy to use these features and our usability tests have shown that our customers love the changes.

– We have also fixed a number of minor bugs and improved some existing features among which are:

– You can now link to an item such as a requirement, test case or bug report by its ID and the ID of the project. For example, this can be used to link to ReQtest content from your company’s wiki or intranet. Please contact us for examples on how this works.

Reworked layout for Edit and View pages, with further improved readability.

Copying test cases between projects works even when there are no test suites.

– The list of test suites is now sorted by name.

Users are automatically disabled when they are removed from their last project.

Improved printing functions of data in popup windows.

For more info or help on the above, do not hesitate to contact us or visit one of the links below, which will take you to our Help Center.

Requirements management course in Sundsvall

Last week, our Product Owner Ulf held a course on the topic of requirements management for SPV.

SPV is the Swedish National Government Employee Pensions Board and was established in 1963. Today SPV is one of Sweden’s largest providers of pension administration.

During two intensive days Ulf talked about user stories, iterative development, how to gather, prioritize and document requirements and much more. To read more about Ulf’s in depth knowledge of requirements, check out our collection of articles here.

SPV is based in the Swedish city of Sundsvall. A dragon is the symbol for the city and protects its citizens from evil. The local basketball team is also called Sundsvall Dragons. Ulf was also kind enough to give us a couple of pics from the course, which you can see below.

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