Issue Tracker With Advance Bug Tracking Capabilities

Advance Bug Tracking

ReQtest Bug Tracker speeds up bug fixing

ReQtest Bug Tracker

filtered bug reports

Gain actionable insights through filtered bug reports

Filtered bug reports for insights

  • Filters to search for subgroups of bug reports
  • Built-in filters to help you concentrate on issues tracking
  • Filters to search bugs subgroups
  • Filters to help you focus on finding bugs
easy online bug reporting

Managing your bugs have never been easier

Manage your bugs easily

  • Drag and drop any column to get a grouped view of your bug reports
  • Single-page-view of bug reports without any long scrolls
  • Get a grouped view of your bugs
  • Single-page-view of bug reports without scrolls
visualize bug reports data

Effective data visualization in a single click

Effective data visualization

  • Visualize large amounts of data in bar or pie chart in a single click
  • Create powerful reports by export the charts to Word, Powerpoint ,etc.
  • Visualize large amounts of data in bar or pie charts
  • Create powerful reports by exporting the charts

Easy Bug Tracking – Report & fix bugs quickly

Intuitive bug tracking

ReQtest as a Bug Tracker offers the most intuitive bug tracking module that allows developers & testers to collaborate easily on fixing bugs. With ReQtest you can import all your bug reports from a CSV file.  Integrate your JIRA projects with ReQtest projects. The bugs in ReQtest will be automatically synchronized with Jira issues.

Gain insights

With ReQtest-issue tracker, you will get actionable intelligence to improve upon your bug tracking initiatives. Filter the bugs as you need. Concentrate on the bugs that are of high priority. With ReQtest you will be able to find the most crucial information related to your bug tracking efforts quickly. Get an easy preview of all your bugs in a single click. You might want information on which of your developers has the largest count of bugs pending for fixing. With ReQtest you can easily create visual charts using the combination of different fields to know the status of your bug fixing initiatives.

Quality bug reports

ReQtest issue tracker offers unmatched bug tracking capabilities as testers can report the bugs from the failed test steps. Add attachments such as videos or images to clearly describe bugs.  Import bugs from a CSV file.  It is easier for the testers to collaborate with developers on getting the bugs fixed. Keep track of the progress of all the bugs that are reported, in progress or fixed and gain actionable intelligence with the help of reports.

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