Advance Bug Tracking capabilities

Effortlessly capture, track & manage bugs and issues

Preview bug reports without any clicks

Charts for visual presentation of bug reports

Built-in filters to quickly find specific bug reports

cloud-based bug tracking tool

ReQtest Bug Tracking speeds up bug fixing

filtered bug reports

Gain actionable insights through filtered bug reports

  • Filters to search for subgroups of bug reports
  • Built-in filters to help you concentrate on issues tracking

Managing your bugs have never been easier

  • Drag and drop any column to get a grouped view of your bug reports
  • Single-page-view of bug reports without any long scrolls
easy online bug reporting
visualize bug reports data

Effective data visualization in a single click

  • Visualize large amounts of data in bar or pie chart in a single click
  • Create powerful reports by export the charts to Word, Powerpoint ,etc.

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