#1 Bug Tracking Tool

Effortlessly capture, track & manage bugs and issues during your software development process

Preview bug reports without clicking.

Use charts as visual presentation of bug reports.

Built in filters quickly find specific bug reports.

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– Frank E. Peretti

Filter bug reports for better overview

  • Use filters to search for subgroups of bug reports.
  • No need to create your own filters; they’re built into ReQtest so you can concentrate on issue tracking.
  • For example, on the left we are about to filter bug reports with priority ”immediately” and ”before next release”.

Groupings give you a bird’s-eye

  • Drag and drop any column (for example, ‘status’) to get a grouped view of your bug reports.
  • Easily get a single-page-view of hundreds of bug reports, so you don’t need to scroll through endless pages. Because that’s what bug tracking software is supposed to do!

One-Click Charts

  • Large amounts of bug or issue data can be filtered and visualized in a bar or pie chart, with only one mouse click.
  • Export the chart to Word, Powerpoint or similar documents within seconds to create awesome looking reports.