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Find out how a leading distributor of products, tools and supplies for facility management improved its vendor management practices and quality of delivery using ReQtest.

Company Profile

The company is a leading distributor of installation products, tools, and supplies related to facility management in the Nordic region. The company has over 250 stores with couple of central warehouses and around 6000 skilled employees to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Problem statement:

What were the project delivery challenges?

What were the challenges faced in managing different vendors and software supplier?
Being a leading distributor in the field of construction commodities they have to ensure the communication with their subcontractors and customers is clear for the successful delivery of the products to the end customer. They were dependent on a manual process that included calling and emailing subcontractors and customers to get status updates on the delivery of the product.
As the company doesn’t develop any software in-house, they outsource all their development projects to the software development supplier. They faced challenges in managing all the business requirements and communicating these requirements to the software provider as they were using excels. There was also no way to track supplier delivery of the software against business requirements.
The client had no mechanism to track the quality of the developed features and functionality in the maintenance projects undertaken by the software supplier.

Key Challenges:

  • Lack of centralized communication
  • Lack of an effective requirements management process
  • Lack of quality management of their software supplier

Business need:

To address the existing challenges in delivery, the client required a centralized platform to establish transparent communication with their subcontractors, software suppliers, and customers.
The client wanted to ensure an effective requirements management process to communicate their business requirements to the software supplier.
The client also required a mechanism to perform regression testing of the newly developed features in their software maintenance projects. The client wanted to reuse the existing test data. They didn’t want to rely on any external documentation during testing.
The client also wanted to provide the stakeholders with no prior testing experience the capability to perform acceptance testing. Any stakeholder should be able to test to validate the functions are developed as per expectations.

Major business needs:

  • To improve communication and collaboration among the client, subcontractors, software suppliers, and their customers.
  • Structured processes those are scalable.
  • Improve traceability to help reduce manual documentation.
  • Ensure the developed features & functionality of the software is exactly mapped to the business requirements and matches the quality expectations.

Solution Approach

How did the company ensure transparency of communication and successful project delivery?

The client was seeking out solutions to improve their communication, collaboration, and project delivery. The client got in touch with ReQtest team.
The solution experts at ReQtest suggested managing all their vendor and customer communication on the cloud. A real-time collaboration platform will allow the company to keep track of the delivery pipeline.
The solution experts also suggested that centralized repositories of business requirements and regression tests will help in getting the right solution developed by the software vendor.
An intuitive test management process that helps project stakeholders to perform the acceptance tests by reusing existing test data.
The client liked the approach and was convinced that once all these solutions are implemented it will significantly improve their business processes.

Solution Approach:

  • Real-time collaboration platform for communication
  • Manage business requirements in a centralized repository
  • Ease of performing regression and acceptance testing

ReQtest: A cloud-based solution to improve communication and project delivery
ReQtest is a cloud-based tool that provides an end-to-end solution for improving collaboration and communication. The tool offers Requirements Management and Test Management modules that act as a centralized repository for all business requirements and test cases respectively.
The client chose ReQtest to digitally transform its vendor and customer communication. ReQtest allows the client to work closely with all its subcontractors, software vendors, and customers using its collaboration platform.
With ReQtest, a real-time communication channel was established to give information on the status of the delivery. ReQtest provides an audit trail in real-time. The client could easily get information on which commodity is supplied by whom, and when.
All the stakeholders in the project can perform testing using ReQtest’s Test management module, especially through the Easy Test feature that allows testers to instantly provide feedback to the developers on the features developed.

The Benefits

What benefits the construction commodity distributor experienced by using the ReQtest?

By using ReQtest, the distributor was able to improve the overall efficiency of its project deliveries.
The client uses ReQtest as a collaboration platform for all ideas, requirements, feature needs, tests, test results, defects and bugs, and projects.
ReQtest enables the client to re-use the existing test data for new testing projects. It also improved its capabilities to manage new projects more efficiently and scale up with ease.

Following are the results ReQtest created for the client:

  • Significant improvement in communication and traceability in the requirement management processes between the client and the supplier.
  • Reduced administration overheads and manpower required ensuring quality in maintenance projects.
  • Ability to roll out testing capabilities around the country for larger composite projects without the need to provide major training to run testing projects.
  • Easier to involve more people in the business to work in a structured way in the requirements and the testing process.
  • The client uses ReQtest as a collaboration platform for all their projects to store requirements, ideas, etc
  • Overall improvement in quality of the projects and processes.

Customer Speak:

Flexible simple & intuitive; the keywords for a scalable environment. Must say that I am extremely pleased with the quality & value ReQtest has been able to deliver.

Product Owner