How to enable your digitalization initiatives with ReQtest?

Find out how a leading student accommodation provider in Sweden enabled their digitalization initiatives using ReQtest.

Company Profile

The company is an industry leader in providing student accommodation for the past 50 years in Sweden. They have constructed over 7000 student accommodations worth over 5.5 billion SEK (Swedish Krona). Their annual turnover is approximately 400 million SEK.

Problem statement:

What were the existing challenges in their operations?

To provide comfortable accommodation to the students, the customer has to:

  • Construct & develop new housing
  • Track the availability of apartments
  • Provide students a platform to rent properties & request maintenance
  • Collaborate with landlords & property managers

This required integration of their digital and physical business models. This was one of the major challenges as they outsourced their software development projects to a software supplier.

Their existing website restricted them from adding features that were critical to their business. It was a major challenge to their existing operations.

They required a better online portal (website) to manage their properties, allow students to search for properties to rent, request for maintenance, and collaborate with landlords & property managers.

They faced a challenge in communicating their business requirements to the software supplier. They also had no mechanism to track the quality of the developed software.

Key Challenges:

  • Lack of integration between their digital & physical business model
  • Lack of an effective requirements management process
  • Lack of quality management of their software supplier

Business need:

To address the existing challenges in their operations, the client required an online portal that catered to their business requirements. For this, they had to establish transparent communication with their software supplier.

The client wanted to ensure an effective requirements management process is in place to communicate their business requirements to the software supplier.

The client also required a mechanism to test the newly developed online portal. The quality of the software would impact the overall quality of their operations.

Major business needs:

  • To improve communication & collaboration with their software suppliers.
  • Structured processes those are scalable.
  • Automate workflows to improve business processes.
  • Ensure the developed features & functionality of the software caters to the business requirements and matches the quality expectations.

Solution Approach

How did the company ensure the online portal caters to their business requirements?

The client was seeking out solutions to improve their collaboration with the software supplier. They got in touch with the ReQtest team.

The solution experts at ReQtest suggested the client to improve their requirements management process by managing all their business requirements on the cloud. A real-time collaboration platform will allow the company to keep track of the progress of the online portal being developed.

ReQtest team suggested an overall improvement in their test management process. They also required a tool to perform acceptance tests and validate the quality of developed features.

The client liked the approach and was convinced that these solutions will help them get the software they need to improve their business operations.

Solution Approach:

  • Real-time collaboration platform for communication
  • Manage business requirements in a centralized repository
  • Ease of performing regression and acceptance testing

ReQtest: A cloud-based solution to improve communication and project delivery
ReQtest is a cloud-based tool that provides an end-to-end solution for improving collaboration and communication. The tool offers Requirements Management, Test Management, and Bug Tracking modules that act as a centralized repository for all business requirements, test cases, and bugs respectively.

The client chose ReQtest to digitally transform its workflows and communication with the software supplier.

ReQtest helps the client to work closely with its software supplier. With ReQtest, a real-time communication channel was established between the client and the software supplier to track the status of the online portal being developed.

ReQtest’s Tests tab offers an easy test management process along with an Easy Test feature for users with even no prior testing experience to quickly test the developed features.

The ReQtest Capture is a downloadable tool that allows users to record their testing sessions as well as take screenshots/videos with a voice-over of bugs and uploads them directly to the ReQtest. The client can use ReQtest Capture to take screenshots of bugs and also to indicate a requirement or feature that they want in their software.

The Benefits

What benefits the client experienced by using ReQtest?

By using ReQtest, the student accommodation provider was able to get an online portal developed from their software vendor that served their business requirements.

The client was able to structure their overall quality management process to ensure the delivered software meets their quality expectations. They got complete control over their workflows with a better structure. The client was able to easily log bugs with the software supplier as well as track the status of the bugs whether they are fixed or not.
Their software supplier also experienced the benefits of ReQtest as they spent less time in reproducing the errors and more time in fixing the bugs.

Following are the results ReQtest created for the client:

  • The client now has a structured quality management process.
  • Improved workflows with the ability to scale on demand.
  • Improved transparency and collaboration with its software supplier.
  • The client got a high-quality online portal for students seeking accommodation and to help them collaborate with their property managers & landlords.
  • Seamless integration of their physical and digital processes.

Customer Speak:

Flexible simple & intuitive; the keywords for a scalable environment. Must say that I am extremely pleased with the quality & value ReQtest has been able to deliver.

Product Owner