April 12, 2015

Introducing the first ebook by ReQtest founder Ulf Eriksson

The first ebook to be written by ReQtest founder Ulf Eriksson is finally online and you can grab your FREE copy.

In his 40-page ebook, Ulf draws on experiences from a 20-year career to demystify software testing and shares his most successful tips and strategies which you can implement straight away in your projects.

The book presents a compendium of ten articles that are designed to go beyond the hype surrounding software testing, providing novice and expert software testers with the inspiration and guidance they need to boost their productivity and enhance their effectiveness in the team.

Every single tip and tactic presented in this ebook has been extensively tested in the field by Ulf and his team at ReQtest. The advice you will find in the book has helped shaped the ReQtest into the the company it is today and enabled it created one of the world’s most trusted bug tracking and software tool.

Among the many helpful and instantly actionable ideas that Ulf shares with the readers, you’ll find plenty suggestions on how to make your software testing efforts more focused, efficient and productive. Inside you’ll find whole chapters dealing with wide range of software testing topics including:

There’s a lot more where that came from. Each chapter in the book is packed full of helpful tips and advice for emerging and experienced testers alike.

After reading this ebook you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to excel in your career as a software tester and starting taking the steps that will establish you as a leader in the field.

By downloading Ulf’s brand-new ebook you get a unique opportunity to read the thoughts of a veteran software tester and learn the very same tips and tactics that have built a remarkable career in the field and now can transform yours too.

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