Agile Board to visualize your projects

Gain a holistic view of your project’s progress

Link  to requirements, bug reports, and test tasks

Find bottlenecks in the project quickly

Collaborate, communicate & coordinate with agile board

Agile board

ReQtest Agile Board for agile project management

Visually attractive Agile board

Visually attractive Agile board with powerful basics

  • Colored stickies to reflect tasks in a sprint or iteration
  • Use colors to emphasize, for example, by marking test tasks in red
  • Link requirements, bug reports, and test tasks to the agile board to get project snapshot

Get quick overview bottlenecks & pending tasks

  • Collapse lanes with one click to easily identify bottlenecks
  • Filter the board to find groups of related stickies
one click identify bottlenecks
Quick visualization of project

Track project progress in real time

  • Quick visualization of project’s progress charts
  • Identify any gaps in planning & execution of tasks

Well suited for agile project management

  • Transfer all your unfinished tasks to the next sprint in few clicks
  • Prepare for the next sprint by copying all unfinished stickies from previous sprints
agile project management

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