Agile Board to Visualize Your Projects

but clearly and smartly.

Quick, complete view of your project progress

Linked to requirements, bug reports, and test tasks

Find bottlenecks in the project, quickly and efficiently.

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agile board

We don’t need an accurate document, we need a shared understanding.

– Jeff Patton

The powerful basics

  • Coloured stickies reflect tasks in a sprint or iteration.
  • Use colours to emphasise, for example, by marking test tasks in red.
  • Link requirements, bug reports, and test tasks to the agile board for a single superior overview.

Quick overview

  • Collapse lanes with one click to easily identify bottlenecks, for example, too many“not started”test tasks close to release date.
  • Filter the board to find groups of stickies, such as all stickies assigned to a team member.

Monitor the progress

  • Follow the progress by looking at the burndown chart. When the blue line follows the red one, the velocity is as planned.

Prepare for the next sprint

  • Sometimes you simply don’t manage to move all the stickies in a sprint. No problem; create a new board for a second iteration, and copy all the unfinished stickies with a few clicks.